DEADLINE: MAY 13th 2018

Dear beautiful disasters of the world, 

It’s time for another round of show and tell with the most shameless fagazine to splatter bad taste across the globe. We're hungry for you to lay your hearts and loins bare with uninhibited confessional storytelling. Remember, Crooked would not be able to creep its way into impressionable and depraved young minds if it wasn’t for tattle-talers like you. Give us your worst!

As per usual, us loose fags have a pretty loose definition of what it takes to be a gaylord, so anyone with unusually supple wrists is welcome to submit a story. Also, if you’re not a textual exhibitionist, Crooked is always looking for visuals to satisfy its insatiable voyeurism. We’ve shown you ours. It’s time to show us yours.

As Crooked is an independent project, it’s unfortunately too broke to provide payment. However, you will receive copies of the fagazine, as well as the respect and adulation of perverts and floozies.

Some of you may have noticed that Crooked is giving readers blue balls by taking forever to get its shit together with new issues so don’t miss this opportunity to submit! 

Finally, please share this submission callout with anyone you think might be gruesome and offensive enough to be interested.

• Recommended length is 500 to 2000 words.
• Please submit your work in a Word document.
• You may publish your work under a pseudonym.
• Your work may be edited. If so, you will be shown a final draft before printing.


Contact: Jordan Coulombe


PS. Feel free to get in touch with questions, or to flesh out your ideas and propose stories etc.