Crooked Issue 7 Cover.jpg


*cover photo by Florian Hetz

My Sexistential Crisis
Editor’s Letter - Jordan Coulombe

Oh, the Places You’ll Go
Tony Delgado is sick to death of social violence, urban gay life and the opioid crisis

Can’t Wait
Amy Cunningham’s homoerotic reinterpretation of Waiting for Godot

A poem by Ed Madden

Andy Sinclair swims through the world’s exploitation and reaches out for relief

A Discussion of Difficulties in the Narration of Sexual Success Stories
Jonathan Mack waits for a sex god in a Bangkok hotel room and contemplates the hubris of narrating one’s own sexploits

Dahmer Drawings
Volk Kinetshniy’s erotic illustrations of homosexual psychopathy’s number one posterboy

Chris Zeischegg AKA Danny Wylde’s protagonist covets his john’s wealth but needs blood to satisfy his aspirations

Moon Over Morocco
Dangeris F.A.G.’s sequel finds the world-weary Roman caught in a fortress of perversity

Temple of Love
Tom Van Den Wijngaert encounters his sexual reawakening in the darkness of a sauna

We Are the Future of Porn
Jordan Coulombe spends Holy Week on the Catalan coast with a gang of guerrilla pornographers

*back cover photo by Léa-Kim

Issue 6 Cover.jpg


*cover illustration by Jennifer Calandra

One-Fisted Books
Editor's Letter - Jordan Coulombe

Why Are These Bears Having Oral Sex? 
Jonathan Mack finds comfort in the thick dank fur of bears

A Tip for Getting Clean
Claire McLoochlin's bout with intestinal parasites paves the way to emancipation from drug addiction

A Oscuras
Ernesto Sarezale tells of an exposed meeting in the darkness

Respecting De Sade
Dangeris F.A.G. recounts Roman & Clay's torturous encounter with their doomed victim

Dr. Eric Weichel finds infidelity in a Toronto hotel room

Masters of Finland
Tom Lukacs mashes up the illustrations of Tom of Finland with He-Man's power of Grayskull

Sex in Iraq
Ryan Holleran on the complexities of being a fag at war

Seeding the Revolution: Truvada and the Coming Violence
Mark Simons Eddison and Robin Haze call for rebellious fluid bonding 

Four Collages
By Zac Slams

Love Bug
Cornelius Talmidge's tale of a disfigured bug chaser and his life behind a gimp hood

Cuba Libre
Jordan Coulombe finds sexual liberation during a transformative week in Havana


Crooked Issue 5 Cover.jpg


*cover photo by Nick Bostick

Things Were Better When Everybody Hated Us
Editor's Letter - Jordan Coulombe

All My Children
V.B. Clay names his ejaculate and imagines the stunted futures of his prematurely deceased offspring

Five Comics
By Jaik Puppyteeth

Smoke and Fire
Cornelius Talmidge reveals the brutal details of his relationship with a dominant skinhead

No One Eats Me Out Like Draino Eats Me Out
A disintegrated work of art by Kate Mills

All the Men I Had Sex With in Ottawa
Nathaniel Blood's sexcapade through Canada's capital

The Boys of Summer (Kieran)
A Berlin Diary - an Excerpt by Sholem Krishtalka

Scruff: An Observational Study
Postfag deconstructs the behaviour of gay dating app users

The Bear and the Otter
Mike Wynne's fable of two lovers from the gay animal kingdom

Kick Me
Jordan Coulombe sits in an emergency room reflecting on why he keeps getting the shit beat out of him



Issue 4 Cover.jpg


*cover collage by Jonathan Bouchard

Confessions of an Incontinent Candy Raver
Editor's Letter - Jordan Coulombe

Cum Eaters at the Beverly Hills Polo Club
Billy McSpitt introduces the critters that feed on his nut butter.

Amy Cunningham tells the tale of her neighbourhood public masturbator. 

Into the Arms of Men
Michael Wynne takes shelter from bombs in a London bathhouse. 

Two Poems by Slava Mogutin
My First Man: Sentimental Vomit
Dreams Come True: Porn

Full Exposure
Amateur porn icon Dom Fournier reveals all to Jordan Coulombe

Sex on Sunday
Paul Buijs' photos of Amsterdam's gay underground. 

Window Shopping
Shayla Pearl pops down to the shops for the bare necessities. 

HIV 101 Day 1 Hour 1
Pete Gucci self-medicates after his HIV diagnosis.

Medicine Men
Jordan Coulombe and a compound of 80 men get penetrated for science. 

The Boy's Bill of Rights
LaboursLost's charter of rights for submissive boys.



Issue 3 Cover.jpg


*cover photo by Vincent Chevalier and David Romero

Editor’s Letter - Jordan Coulombe

A Pretty Gay Job
Nik Øvstaas calls for limp-wristed workers of the world to unite.

Free Bee
Shayla Pearl shows us how to get all the dick we’ve dreamed of just by strolling through the park.

Bike Wine 
Keaton Ritchie’s relationship has a complex palette with hints of aciditiy. 

Excuse Me While I Burn Down All The Gyms
Eric Levitt’s treatise on being gay, body fascism and the capital that luburicates it.

i labeled your pages
Jess MacCormack talks through animals.

Vincent Chevalier chats with Mikiki about permanence in the internet age and the passing of Will Munro. 

“I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy”
The photogayphy of Jon Estwards

Crooked’s Top 10 Most Psychopathic Fags of All Time
S. Kiernan and Jordan Coulombe list the murderous homos with the biggest problems.

Let’s Get Messy
Jordan Coulombe spends a week rolling around in filth with his toothless heartthrob. 



Issue 2 COver.jpg


*cover photo by Nick Bostick

The PEN15 Club
Editor’s Letter - Jordan Coulombe

Journey to the Centre of FAG PUNK
Jordan Coulombe interviews the woman behind the erotic zine that has all the fags doing the five knuckle shuffle. 

“If you think peace is a common goal, that goes to show how little you know.”
S.K. Satherley’s correspondence wilth a convicted serial killer uncovers the fantasies of a sexual psycopath. 

Does this Bother You?
Jean Marois and Pauline Charest deconstruct the Quebec government’s bothersome anti-homophobia campaign.

Bare to the Bone
Julie Paquet and Michael McCarthy sing a capella about Bareoke, their fagulous strip karaoke night.

Hilly Tincan Evening Sitdown Vision
M.L.’s quest for tranquility at the Montreal Zen Centre leads to a microcosm of sexual tension.   

A poem by F Vol.

Venereal Terrorism
Jordan Coulombe flies on 9/11 with an infestation of unwelcome passengers.

Cherry Blossom
There comes a time in every fag boy’s life when his cherry is ready to flower.



Issue 1 Cover.jpg


*cover photo by Nick Bostick

Spill Your Guts 
Editor’s Letter - Jordan Coulombe

A Brief History of Fagazines 
Jordan Coulombe traces the origins of Canadian queer zine culture.

First Emission 
Fifes Agitons pour Gagner’s manifesto unleashes it’s fecal torrents on the SPVM and the J’Aime Mon Village campaign.

“Du Sexe Anal Pour Le Changement Social”
Une conversation avec B La Parade sur les stratégies Pink Bloc pendant le mouvement étudiant.

The Fagat Guide 
The Nik Øvstaas handbook to Montreal’s dives, hovels and pleasure domes.

Go Back Where You Came From! 
Teen-Jesus Barbie sticks up for the City of Champions and explains why there’s no place like homo.

Jail Bird Songs 
The Prisoner Correspondence Project opens a new chapter in Toronto and two penpals talk about their experiences writing letters between bars.

Queer Careerz
Opportunity knocks for Nicky-Nicky Nine Doors as a porn airbrusher, but does sex still sell? And more importantly, does it pay?   

Floating Down Dinosaur River
Art historian Pascal Robitaille talks to visual artist Jonathan Reid-Sévigny about mythical beasts, Québecois cinema, and the unconscious. 

Five Poems 
By Scott Moodie.

Close Shave 
A short story by Jordan Coulombe.